Roman Potasse


11th of September 1991, Veldhoven, Netherlands

Favourite Shadowrise song
Evil Conductor

Favourite bands
Ancient Bards
Symphony X


Andy James
Russel Allen
Sara Squadrani

Favourite food
Chicken rice
Chicken wings

Favourite drinks
Rum mixed with cola

Roman bought his first instrument at the age of 11. It was a drumkit of epic proportions. After a year of self-education on drumming, he decided to take guitar lessons. He bought a ‘Morgan’ western guitar and sold his drumkit for the same price he bought it for. Later on at he bought a Spanish guitar and an electric guitar (Ibanez).

In 2009, at the age of 18, he started a band (Frozen Jacks) with guitarist Daniel Boomsma. Both playing the electric guitar, Roman on Rhythm, Daniel on lead. They sought a drummer and guess what, they knew one. His name is Joris Sevat. Daniel & Roman only knew a few metal bands, such as Children of Bodom. They practiced their songs after school and the janitor said it sounded like crying cats.

Joris brought a lot of musical influences into the band. Folk is what attracted the band in the first years (2009-2011). Later on, Joris’ musical influence was leading the band more into melodic death metal & power metal. Bands like Wintersun, Insomnium and Symphony X took the bands’ interest. In 2012 they changed the name of the band to Shadowrise.

After the lead singer left in 2015, Roman took on the screams (EP ‘Escape from Shadow Island’) and Laura Guldemond joined for lead vocals. Eventually Roman decided to leave in 2017 due to indifference in the band, Jack Streat took his place. But.. epic cliffhanger here: In December 2018, Roman decided to fill in the empty spot for bassist in Shadowrise and rejoin the band, replacing Appie Kalaç.