From Eindhoven, the metal capital of the
Netherlands, Shadowrise is born; a Symphonic
Power Metal band inspired by heavy MeloDeath.
With their energetic live performance and
epic atmosphere, Shadowrise will lead you
straight to the world of Shadow Island.
Taking inspiration from a wide variety of bands
like Wintersun, Keep of Kalessin and Symphony
X, the band was able to create its own sound. A
melodic yet heavy approach to the Power Metal
genre, with catchy melodies, powerful clean
vocals and grunts, blastbeats and loads of neoclassical
influences accompanied by a beautiful

Having already played at big venues like De Pul, Atak (Attitude Fest), Dynamo (Metal
Masters), Effenaar (FemME), Willemeen (Geldersch Metal Treffen), Gigant (Brainstorm
Fest) and Patronaat, Shadowrise has shared the stage with bands like Arch Enemy, Xandria,
Ancient Bards and Myrath. Going into 2017, the band continues playing shows and writing
new songs for their full-length album before retreating to the studio.
Armed with their recently released EP “Escape from Shadow Island”, Shadowrise is ready to
take the world by storm!

Line up
Laura Guldemond (Ayreon, Idols) – vocals
Daniel Boomsma – lead guitars
Roman Potasse – vocals, guitars
Yordi Florax – bass
Joris Sevat – drums


Escape from Shadow Island – May 19th ‘16
Shadowrise online

Lyricvideo ‘Django’

Release show Dynamo May 24th

‘Musically Sublime ‘ Metal Mike – Aardschok
‘The fans of extreme music and melodic metal certainly will find what they’re searching for in Shadowrise’s
music.’ Hardrock Haven
‘This debut EP “Escape from Shadow Island” unmistakably shows this is a top act in the making.’
Lords Of Metal
‘Shadowrise is the new big gun in town and competitor bands should definitely be afraid of them.’
Metal Wani