FemME Night

Ticket for Phantom Elite (Album Release Show) & Shadowrise (Album Release Show) Dream Ocean (NL Album Release Show), Kingfisher Sky & Beyond God in The Box, Hilvarenbeek, April 15th.


Phantom Elite

Sander Gommans [After Forever] and the Dutch/Brazilian band Phantom Elite are coming with full power to breathe fresh air into the female-fronted metal scene.

Originated 2 years ago from Sander Gomman’s HDK project while releasing his second album “Serenades of the Netherworld”, Gommans brought together this group of young musicians with the purpose of playing HDK’s material on stages for the first time.

The natural chemistry among the musicians however sparked many new and exciting ideas and, together with Sander, the group embarked on a journey writing songs for their debut album.

Thus Phantom Elite is born.



Forging their music in the depths and darkness of the Netherlands, Shadowrise combines Symphonic Power Metal with the heaviness of Melodeath. As a successor to their well-received EP, Shadowrise will release their self-titled debut album March 23rd via Painted Bass Records!

Heavy riffs and fast neoclassical guitar melodies are combined with clean and screamed vocals to create a dynamic yet melancholic atmosphere, going from intimate ballad to raging battle cry! With powerful orchestrations, punchy basslines, and pounding drums, Shadowrise has a unique sound: metal anthems like that of Blind Guardian and Nightwish, meeting the rage and bombastic energy of Wintersun and Fleshgod Apocalypse.

With their engaging live performances, Shadowrise has taken the stage by storm, supporting bands such as Arch Enemy, Xandria, Ancient Bards and Myrath. Five dedicated members, elaborate costumes, and an impressive supply of energy makes every show a dramatic spectacle. Armed with a new and diverse setlist, the band is ready to hit the road and bring the thunder once again!